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symmetric key Encryption

Question asked by CASri on Nov 12, 2014
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I am doing some POC on encryption menthods. I can achieve non-soap encryption/decryption but have issues with SOAP based and Symmetric Encryption. I have these two issues..


1) I could find 'Encrypt Element' that can encrypt the SOAP request but couldn't find respective assertion for decrypting

2) While using 'Symmetric Encryption and Decryption' assertion, I face issues. When a plain text is passed all spaces are truncated and the last letter always misses on decryption, if used on XML, only tags without the escape sequence charecters ( '<', '>" ) are procuded as output. Doesn't work on SOAP message which is used as a string input. Unfortunately there is no documentation on this assertion.


I have used an AES CBC 128 bit key for symmetric encryption with out an vector. If I use the vector the assertion fails.


Can you please help with these issues ?