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Email notification to the task Assignee

Question asked by Supriya.Chakraborty1 on Nov 12, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by BradGibson

Hi All,

We have a requirement where in an email should be send to the team member, once a task is assigned to the team members. I have checked the notifications, but didn’t find any notification corresponding to this. However there is an entry which gets popped up in the task tab under Organizer. So I thought of creating a process and associating a gel script to it which will send the notification. But Assignment is a sub object of task so I cannot write a process which gets initiated upon creation of assignment. What can be an alternative to this solution? My requirement is as soon as the task is assigned to any team member .He/she should be getting an email notification that the” following task has been assigned to you .Please start acting on it”. Waiting for suggestion… 

Regards, Supriya Chakraborty