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Attachment Library in AA SDM R12.9

Question asked by tremo01 Employee on Nov 12, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by Naveen_Desham

How to configure attachment library repository in AA SDM R12.9 environment . As I have separate  Remote repository server. below are my server details


A: Background Server - 1

B :Standby server - 1

C: Application Server - 2

D: MDB Server -  It is in clustered environment

E : BOXI Server - 1

F: File Attachment Server


And according to the administration guide


  • Advanced availability: Background server. The servlet runs on the application server and the rep_daemon runs on the background server.

  In the advanced availability configuration, the rep_daemon runs on all the servers, by default


As I am not much clear upon the above lines in Administration guide.
Let me know how I can configure Repository in on separate remote server