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Partnership Federation - Language Specific SAML 2.0 Requests

Question asked by syedubati.1 on Nov 12, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by syedubati.1

We are doing a Partnership federation and our SAML requests are SP initiated to IDP for an Authentication. Our clients are going to use the different languages in their browsers like example English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and many languages.


Current URL format below:




We want to pass the Language details based upon the End User's language using in their browsers into the SAML 2.0 request initiated by Affiliated Web Services (WAOP) at SP end to IDP for an Authentication. Our IDP (third party) can serve different languages as well.

Please advise if anyone come across this kind of scenario to pass the Language details in the SAML requests. We don't want to use any static settings for multiple languages, it should work by taking the values dynamically from the user browser's language.


Below are scenario's.







Appreciate your assistance!