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Manual notify subject should be readonly

Question asked by Amcherry on Nov 15, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by Amcherry

Hi All, We have a requirement to make the message title in nf.htmpl from editable textbox to readonly textbox. When ticket end user replied to the manual notification email sent by analyst, that information should be updated in the ticket.


I tried modifying the form nf.htmpl.


Before changes, below is the code(OOTB):


detailTextbox("Message Title", "KEEP.msgtitle", 4, 1, 60, true, 0, '$args.KEEP.initial_msgtitle');


After changes:

detailTextboxReadonly("Message Title", "KEEP.msgtitle", true, '$args.KEEP.initial_msgtitle');


Now Message title in Manual Notify changed to Readonly. Here the issue is when analyst sends a manual notification to a end user, I can see 'Manual Notify' activity is getting on Activity log. BUt cannot see in  View-->Notification History.

Please let me know what needs to be modified here, to achieve our requirement..


Note: After making the above changes in nf.htmpl, description also changed in activity log which is different from OOTB form. Attached screenshot FYR.