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Billing Project ID

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by urmas

In past versions of Clarity, there was a project financial attribute of "Bill to Project" (BILLING_PROJECT_ID).  Now that we have a need for it, I see that it is not in 13.1.


What happened to it?  For any customers that were using this attribute, what are they doing now?


I see "Affiliated Project," but its description in Clarity (sorry, CA PPM ) is poor:  "Defines the project that is financially tied to the project."  What does this mean, in detail???  This field appears useless for us - its single select and requires us to assign Companies to projects, or the query for the associated lookup returns no results - we don't use the Companies feature, so we have a blank list .


Yes, I know about Chargebacks feature - would like to avoid the overhead of this feature, if possible.


Had hopes of using the "Bill to Project" field to charge cost associated with multiple engineering projects (providers) to a single manufacturing project (recipient).  Is Chargebacks feature only option now?  If not, what are others doing?


As an alternative, since Clarity (sorry, again - CA PPM) isn't our system of record, we could just run a report each month and use it to enter charges against the manufacturing plan in our system of record.