Getting to Framingham from Boston Logan Airport for the conference

Discussion created by lindajcasey on Nov 17, 2014

There have been some questions about how to get from Boston Logan Airport for the conference. 


The Residence Inn recommends Knights Car Service.  They offer a $47.00 fare from Logan to Framingham in a Shared Van.  If you choose to use this option, you must tell them that you want the Framingham Residence Inn rate. 

Their contact # is 800-822-5456.


Another option is to use a limo service.  There are many options at Logan for limo/car services ranging in price from mid $80's to $150.00.


The cheapest we've found is  On the website their rate is 73.00 but it does not include the mandatory 20% tip for the driver so instead of being 73.00 the total would be 87.60.  


I suggest if you choose to get a limo from Logan that you do your research and post your results here. 


Maybe someone from the CA office in Framingham can share their experiences with different services.