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using the resource finder icon does not result in a complete set of resources with the same primary role, untill the requested availability is removed. Anyone know how to solve this?

Question asked by Mark101 on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by Mark101

We have allocated a role to a project. Determined the needed capacity for this role (xx hours per month for a few months). Now we want to replace this role with a named resource. Regardless of the screen we start from, when we use the resource finder icon the result is the same: when we press the resource finder icon we don't see any or just a subset of resources with the primary role we're looking for. The only way to get all the resources dsiplayed that have the requested primary role is to remove the requested availablity. Even when all the resources are available they are not displayed. And removing the requested availability makes no sense, since we want to see the availability match... Any one know if this is a setting issue?