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LISATMP_versions-->lads folder issue.

Question asked by Chetu on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by Stephen_Kress

Hi All,


I have 40 applications (VSIs), where I would be using on day to day basis. Since, the LISA server is maintained by a third party system we do not have direct access for the same. To deploy or to host the applications in server, I do save it as MAR files and deploy.


Consider, 1 application which has around 70 operations on it. On a daily basis, I would be adding it and deploying with help of MARs on to the server console.


The issue here is as I redeploy, each time it is creating dump in “D:\Apps\CA\Lisa_7.5.2.235\lisatmp_7.5.2\lads”. The lads folder on server where LISA is installed have all such dumps. The folder size is growing day by day which would consume most of the server capacity.


Moreover, the folder created in lads folder is having some system generated name like “5E07B90B4F3611E4B1B7005056A97BD8” and this keeps on changing every time with some randomly generated name.


So, I would require your solution on how to control the folder size issue which is growing frequently.


Kind Regards,