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Temp files on App server

Question asked by matej256 on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2014 by Biljana_Custovic

Hi all,


I'd like to ask one question regarding temporary files stored by Clarity on the app server.


Our application admin suggested us to change location for creating temp(tmp)

files on server from root directory





In root /tmp directory there are a plenty of files (also old) which take much space.


He has advised to add this command

to our JVM parameters for creating these tmp files in our local tmp



I've added it in 'app' and 'app2' section in NSA console to JVM parameters  field.

But till now, no tmp file or any document has been created there.


May I ask on what purposes(what are conditions for creating) are tmp files  created?


And also is that command for creating tmp files in /home/clarity/tmp  sufficent? or

it has to be set this command also in somewhere else?


Many thanks for your support.