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CA Control Minder release 12.8 features

Question asked by monru01 Employee on Nov 18, 2014
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Hi team

We are working with a client that the client has installed the CA Control Minder release 12.6 and they are using the PUPM feature ( now SAM) , and they want to know if with the upgrade to the CA Control Minder release 12.8, they are going to achieve the next points :


- When the privilege account is "check out", after 24 hours of inactivity, the account it would be check in, close it the session and change the passwords.


-When the privilege account is checked out and if you close the putty or the RDP window, the session still open and is not able to close the user account session.


- For the Break Glass process, the accounts defined with the last process are not exclusive.


I hope you can help me


My Best Regards


Ruber Monterrubio


CA Services Senior Consultant