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Questions on Rate Matrix in Clarity

Question asked by rodsparkman on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by navzjoshi00

To whom it may concern:


I have several questions that are probably pretty easy to answer.  Here is the scenario:


There is a job called “Rate Matrix Extraction” that was “Cancelled”.   As I understand it, I thought that was odd since it should be running daily.  Since our finance group asked me to add a new rate called BillCod1, according to the documentation, I needed to run the Rate Matrix Extraction job.  That’s when I ran into trouble.  Apparently, for the last two weeks, many people including myself, have had their rates changed to the default rate of $10.00 and the dollar values in each one of the accounting records reflects the default rate of $10.00. We are currently running version  The matrix was locked prior to my changing it, but now it is not.


Here are my questions and hopefully you can answer them to solve my problem:

  1. Shouldn't the Rate Matrix Extraction job be run daily?
  2. Could my running the job be the direct cause of the rates changing to default?
  3. How do I re-lock the rate matrix? Is this a problem, too?


The job's parameters are:

  1. Extract Cost and Rate Information for the Scheduler = Checked
  2. Prepare Rate Matrix Data = Checked
  3. Update Rate Matrix Data = Checked
  4. Incremental Update Only = UNchecked



Thanks for your help.  If I cannot solve this with you, I will need to open a ticket with CA.