How to get details of who checked out the knowledge store document and when it were checked.

Discussion created by Prakash_Singh on Nov 20, 2014
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Can you please let me know how i get the person information, who checked the knowledge store document.


I have checked clb_dms_file as well as clb_dms_folder but i am not able to get who checked out the documents or weather it's checked out or not.


select, f_id,|| uni,

srm2.full_name  Folder_updated_by,

clbf.last_updated_date Folder_updated_date,


clb.Name Doc_Name,

srm1.full_name Doc_updated_by,

clb.last_updated_date Doc_updated_date,

(clbf.Path_name || '/' ||

from clb_dms_files clb

inner join CMN_SEC_ASSGND_OBJ_PERM perm on

inner join cmn_sec_users cmn on

inner join CLB_DMS_FOLDERS clbf on

inner join srm_resources srm1 on srm1.user_id=clb.last_updated_by

inner join srm_resources srm2 on srm2.user_id=clbf.last_updated_by

where path_name='/Root/DMS/KS/Test-Nov' and


Please let me know your opinions.


Thank you.