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Access RFH2 header information in MQ VS

Question asked by Fraser_Dav on Nov 20, 2014
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I am attempting to read information from an RFH2 header in an MQ VS. We are using IBM Websphere, and MQ Websphere.


The header is


JMS Message class: jms_text

  JMSType:         MyOperationName

  JMSDeliveryMode: 2

  JMSExpiration:   3000000

  JMSPriority:     6

  JMSMessageID:    null

  JMSTimestamp:    0


  JMSDestination:  null

  JMSReplyTo:      queue://QMNGR/PROXY.REQUEST?expiry=60000&priority=6&persistence=1&CCSID=819&targetClient=1

  JMSRedelivered:  false



I am trying to read the following and put them into properties.




I have had a start here...., in effect I am attempting the converse of what was being asked in this post.


It would be good if someone could explain how to use MqRfh2Header(), and then pull out the necessary fields.


Also I have attempted to use JMS as the virtual service type, but have not been able to get my workstation operational due to conflict between IBM JMS jars, and the vanilla Sun jars.