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How to increase the attribute length of Transaction Class

Question asked by Nag_cl on Nov 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by urmas

When I describe transclass table, I see the transclass attribute of datatype varchar2 and of length 30.


Oracle SQL> desc transclass



But when we try to enter values in Clarity UI, Admin -> Finance -> Setup -> Classification ->Transaction Classes -> New, Transaction class cannot take the value of length more than 8.



My requirement was to add value of length 12, to find out where exactly the restriction was posed to clarity, I have used &debug method and found maxDatasize="8" is applied over this attribute.

I do queried our linux box where clarity is deployed to check  all the files which has the string maxDatasize="8", but i was unable figure out the file which i should modify to accomplish my objective.

Attached a text file which is pipelined output from linux machine(files with the string maxDatasize="8")


Any suggestion on which file i should modify to do this? and even if i do so, do we need to recycle the services to make it effective???