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[PORTLETS]  Data in Drill-Down portlet from Column Chart not specific to column clicked

Question asked by fglarkin Employee on Nov 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by Dave

I'm working with Clarity 13.3 on Oracle in an On-Demand system.


I have previously configured pie charts linked to drill-down portlets, so that when the user clicks on a section of the pie chart, the data displayed in the drill-down portlet is specific to that section of the pie chart. For example, when a user clicks the "Open" section of a pie chart displaying Risks by Status, only the Risks with Status=Open are displayed in the drill-down portlet. I have recently configured clustered and stacked column charts with drill-down portlets using the same techniques. However, when a user clicks on a column or section of a column, all of the instances represented in the column portlet are displayed in the drill-down portlet. Should I be able to restrict the results in a drill-down from a column chart as I am able to do with a pie chart?




Fred Larkin

Clarity Functional Consultant