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Can building Large OBS hierarchy dynamically cause performance issues?

Question asked by on Nov 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by urmas


We have some questions around OBS limitations.  We need to build a manager hierarchy from the top down to the lowest level in the organization and associate it to each resource as this capability does not exist within the tool today.  To achieve this requirement, we are planning to build a dynamic resource hierarchical OBS that would be updated by a job each week.


We have a few questions/concerns as below especially on performance side.


1) There could be 20K nodes in this OBS; can this cause a performance issue across the system? i.e. The display of Resource page or any other pages could be affected due to this OBS?


2) This new OBS will be assigned to each resource in the system and we have huge number of resources, approx. 60-75K total, therefore, the PRJ_OBS_ASSOCIATIONS table would grow too. There are currently about 250K records in this table, so we could see this easily going up to 400K.  Could this be a problem?  


3) Would there be an Impact on Datamart job due to this new OBS?