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Set CI Flag automatically

Question asked by herma13 Employee on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2014 by jfulton

Hi all,


I have a custmer that uses ITAM 12.8 for his asset management and also Service Desk.

When a new asset is created in ITAM it has the is_asset flag set, and the ci flag not set. As a result this asset is no CI and cannot be editet in Service Desk.

But this is a requirement for this customer. Some Service Desk user have no access to ITAM but must change CI attributes in Servicedesk


Is the a way to set the CI Flag and unselect the is_asset flag when a new asset is created?

I do this with an "after insert" trigger on the ca_owend resource table, but as a result I get errors with the synchronisation of the audit history between ITAM and Service Desk.


Any ideas how to handle this?