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Does command "send config file [EXACT MATCH] to agents matching [REGULAR EXPRESSION] to destination dir {[EXACT MATCH]}" of CLWorkstation work in combination with the Introscope EPAgent Generic LogReader

Question asked by MatthiasNovaTec on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2014 by Hiko_Davis

Hello guys,


I stumbled over this question due to a current requirement of a customer. At the customer we use the Introscope EPAgent Generic LogReader (ribomation/GenericLogReaderEPAgentPlugin · GitHub) to analyse the log files and alert if specific failures occur. The EPAgent, the logreader as well as the configuration of the logreader are shipped with the whole deployment package of the application. This means that currently we can change the logreader configuration only through our deployment process, meaning if we need another configuration we have to do this with a hotfix deployment (this procedure will not change! Or do you have a really good solution). As you can see, this procedure takes quite some time since we do not deploy the hot fixes ourselves. The costumer wants to have a possibility to change the configuration without the need of a deployment/hotfix. Connect manually to the machine and change the configuration is not a suitable solution!


Therefore, I currently look at other ways to change the configuration of the logreader. During this survey I stumbled over the CLWorkstation command "send config file [EXACT MATCH] to agents matching [REGULAR EXPRESSION] to destination dir {[EXACT MATCH]}". As I guess this command can be used to send configuration files to agents, hopefully EP Agents as well. Since the logreader is a stateful plugin of the EPAgent it should be possible to send the config to the EPAgent and may after restart the new configuration is used.


Sending the config file to the EPAgent might be a problem (company policies, firewalls,etc.) and could be quite time consuming for me to test. That's why I hope that someone of you might know already if this works (maybe you use this feature already) or at least you could tell me if my thoughts are correct or completely rubbish.


Other solutions which help me to complete this challenge are also very welcome