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AHD12008 error while running reports from webi

Question asked by santoshiP on Nov 28, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by santoshiP

Hello Team,


We have created few reports long back and scheduled to run every day till yesturday they were wroking fine.


but today we received a errors  like  " A database error occured: The database error text is [datadirect][ODBC open access SDK driver] [OpenAccess SDK SQL engine] AHD12008:attribute owing_survey_question-rest referenced by majic sql query not found in objects(S) svy_ans at.owning_survey_question_text.(WIS 10901)"


the above error message for survey report like every report we received different attibutes are not found  and all these attributes are created in attribute aliases.


Could you Please suggest us what we need to check ?


Thank you,