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Remove Type Field From Change Calendar ?

Question asked by Stuart_ on Nov 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by Stuart_

We do not use "Type" on the Change Order form. Therefore I want it removed from the monthly view from the Change Calendar.



I think it is related to this piece of code in the list_chgsched_config.htmpl form.



<script type="text/javascript">
// Group change orders by change type (normal, standard, emergency)
function setSchedEvents( chg )
  var grpnum;
  switch( chg.chgtype - 0 ) {
    case 100: grpnum = schedGroup_std;  break;
    case 300: grpnum = schedGroup_emer; break;
    default:  grpnum = schedGroup_norm; break;
  chg.schedEvent( grpnum, chg.sched_start_date, chg.sched_end_date );

<PDM_IF 0>


My preference would be to replace Change Order Type with Change Order Category. I tried modifying the case statement to use chg.category with no success. I don't know where the values schedGroup_std, schedGroup_emer & schedGroup_norm come from they don't appear when running a pdm_extract usp_change_type and I cannot see their reference in the schedule_chg.js or list_chgsched.htmpl forms.


Any advice ?