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Discussion created by jhuddle61 on Dec 2, 2014
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Anyone with experience using the XOG Query in .NET that can point me in the right direction?


I am trying to run a query via XOG from .NET. Everything works fine (i.e. no errors) but I am not getting any results back from the query.



This is my method in my library:


public static List<assignment> GetMyAssignments(string userId, String path, String projectCode)


           List<assignment> assignments = new List<assignment>();


           MyAssignments.rego_my_assignmentsQueryPortClient qp = new MyAssignments.rego_my_assignmentsQueryPortClient();

           MyAssignments.rego_my_assignmentsQuery q = new MyAssignments.rego_my_assignmentsQuery();


           MyAssignments.rego_my_assignmentsFilter filter = new MyAssignments.rego_my_assignmentsFilter();




           String sessionID = "";



           MyAssignments.Login login = new MyAssignments.Login();


           MyAssignments.LoginRequest loginReq = new MyAssignments.LoginRequest(login);



           MyAssignments.Auth q_auth = new MyAssignments.Auth();






               login.Username = "SVC-Timekeep";

               login.Password = "clarity";

               string loginRes = qp.Login(login);

               sessionID = loginRes;



               q_auth.Username = "adminlevelaccount";

               q_auth.Password = "password";

               q_auth.SessionID = sessionID;

               q.Code = "rego_my_assignments";

               filter.resource_id = "huddlj";

               q.Filter = filter;


  //             MyAssignments.QueryRequest qr = new MyAssignments.QueryRequest(q_auth, q);



               MyAssignments.rego_my_assignmentsQueryResult qryResp = qp.Query(q_auth, q);



               foreach (MyAssignments.rego_my_assignmentsRecord r in qryResp.Records)


                   assignment a = new assignment();

                   a.assignmentId = r.assign_id.ToString();

                   a.clarityTaskId = r.task_id.ToString();

                   a.resourceId = r.resource_id.ToString();





               return assignments;




               return null;




And here is the screenshot of the QueryResponse records:




You can see that it returns 0 records.


Anyone have any experience trying to do this that can identify the error of my ways?