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Pass Value of A1 to A2 - Clarity Process/Workflow Limitation or GEL Opportunity?

Question asked by OptionJ on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2015 by navzjoshi00


Update the value of out of the box attributes, A2 - Planned Operating Cost [planned_cst_operating_total]

with the result of custom calculated attribute, A1 - Total Operating Request [cdhs_tot_operrq]


Clarity Workflow Limitation

Object: thisProject

Auto-start Event: Update

Start Condition Expression: project.cdhs_total_projc != project.cdhs_total_projc__oldValue

Evaluated Expression: Project Total Project Costs != Project Total Project Costs [Previous Value]

Start Step Action: System Action

Action: Set Planned Operating Cost

Issue: Clarity workflow only allows entry for a static number, not a lookup reference to another attribute on set object. I would have bet on a second lookup, but expectations fell short.


Am I missing something?  I wanted to open a CA Support enhancement ticket, but I trust that I am not the first to find a dead end here.


Do I need to put on my GEL hat to update the value of A2 from A1?