CA API Mgmt Community Office Hours Transcript December 2014

Discussion created by MaryGreening on Dec 2, 2014

Here is the transcript from the CA API Management Community Office Hours on December 2, 2014.


from Mary Greening - CA to Everyone:  What is the difference between the API Gateway and the MAG?

from Alexandr Moroz to Everyone:         @Mary MAG is a Mobile API Gateway, which consists of the Mobile SDK that runs on iOS, Android and Cordova platforms, and the server (Gateway) part. In fact, MAG works on top of the API Gateway, and it supports multitude of mobile-oriented use cases.

from Mary Greening - CA to Everyone:  @Alexandr Can you give me an example of a use case that would be interesting?

Alexandr Moroz to Everyone:    @Mary, Absolutely: for instance, MAG SDK allows client developers to support OAuth and Social Login features (LinkedIn, Salesforce, etc.) in the mobile apps in a matter of minutes.


from Darrin Solomon to Everyone:           Can you tell me a bit about the SaaS portal?  Is it a hosted version of the on-premise portal?

from Dana Crane to Everyone:   @Darrin no, the SaaS Portal has been created from scratch to be a multi-tenanted product implemented on Amazon Web Services, utilizing the ASWS infrastructure

from Dana Crane to Everyone:   @Darrin, the SaaS Portal is the simplest, easiest way to get started with your API Management initiative - just load up your APIs, enlist your developers and you're ready to go


from Dana Crane to Everyone:   One of the questions that keeps coming up now that we've released API Monetization in API Developer Portal 3.0 is "what entities can I monetize?"

from Dana Crane to Everyone:   The Portal can be used with any billing engine that provides support for one time fees and recurring fees (i.e., monthly subscriptions)

from Dana Crane to Everyone:   As such, you can monetize registrations (one time at signup); recurring subscriptions to a set of APIs (i.e., Account Plans) and charge a fee per API hit as well