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Minimum XML mandatory attributes required to XOG timesheet in Clarity

Question asked by RahulSarkar4202881 on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by navzjoshi00

We are planning to create a code which we will get all the timesheet entry from excel or csv file and create a XML to be XOGed into Clarity.

Below queries we are having, if any suggestion please let know.

1. What are the minimum mandatory values we need to provide for the timesheet
to import into Clarity ?
2. Is it mandatory to have XOGing timesheet entry's task id and name matching
as per the Clarity ?
3. If it does not have matching task id and name, will Clarity complaint or
will it allow to enter as a new task for corresponding project ?
4. If it allow then, will it create any issue in Clarity later, if yes then what is expected to go wrong ?


5. To XOG timesheet into Clarity, below things we need to make sure it is
true as per our understanding, please let us know if we are missing out
anything :-
a. Project should be active
b. Time period of the corresponding project should be open.
c. Resource should be active and should be a team member of the project.


5b. Do we need to run any job to make it available to the user or as soon as we import, it available to users in open status


6. We are planning to import timesheet by giving resourceid, project id, start date, finish date, and hours, if required then task information. Rest
all other information we are keeping as null. Based on that can you suggest minimum XML which can be use to upload the data
in Clarity.
7. Is it possible to get the information of the write XML attributes, so that
we can at least decide what we can provide or keep as null ?
For example :-
assignmentFinish - This might be time period end date for example :
assignmentStart - This might be time period start date for example :