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Wrong Response Time Calculation

Question asked by BalkanM on Dec 8, 2014


we found out CEM shows wrong response time calculation in following conditions. we can see this behavior when we compare requests from IIS logs and pcap against CEM defect results.


When customer access Login page and key in wrong credentials, then try again within same browser with correct credentials. during first attempt e.g. 3rd and 4th component are not loaded. because login is incorrect. then during second attempt, all of these component are loaded(E.g. we have 4 components)

CEM starts to calculate response time from first attempt, and stop calculation from second attempt at 4th component.


Second scenario is, as part of login process, we display account summary information as landing page. when customer logins successfully and then click account summary page again.

CEM starts to calculate login transaction from initial login request, and stops timer when customer access account summary page again, which is identical component as part login process.


for both scenarios, there is a think time of human steps, therefore CEM shows as slow response time defect, however when we check actually these transactions should not be considered as defect.


Did you encounter any similar behavior?do you recommend any solution ?