TestCasePath for TestCase Object

Discussion created by MaulikDoshi62133885 on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by Catherine Schuman

Hi All,


Issue is related to LISA APIs.

I have started the run through TestRunner and through Coordinator API, I'm getting the TestCase object.

My issue is to find the testCasePath for the same object, which I'm not able to get it.

Below is my code:

Object oc = getCoordinator().getAllTests().get(numTestCasesRun);

TestCase tc = (TestCase) oc;
testCaseName = tc.getName();
testCasePath = ??;

TestCase's getProjectPath provides the current running instance (temp location) instead of the testCasePath from where it was invoked (i.e. LISA_TC_PATH).


Can someone provide some info? Or how to get the testexec object from the testcase object?