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Re : Lisa 8 Test invoke from ANT throwing file not found exception

Question asked by nanak01 Employee on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by nanak01

Getting the file not found exception while running the lisa 8 test from ANT. Even though  the file is existing in the specified directory, It is saying some thing like could not stage.




my build.xml is :


<?xml version="1.0"?>

<project name="${}" default="lisaTests" basedir=".">


                             <file file=""/>


    <echo message="${LISA_HOME}"/>

    <echo message="the base directory is ${vs.project.base.dir}"/>

          <taskdef resource="">




  <fileset dir="${LISA_HOME}\lib\shared" includes="**/*.jar"></fileset>


                                           <fileset dir="${LISA_HOME}\lib\core" includes="**/*.jar">





            <target name="lisaTests" description="Executes a LISA Test Suite as JUnit tests.">

                           <echo message="Executes a LISA Test Suite as JUnit tests.( make sure old reports are deleted)"/>

                           <delete dir="${}"/>

                           <mkdir dir="${}"/>

                           <echo message="Run the lisa test in junit mode in base dir:${basedir}"/>


   <junitlisa test="Tests\ReadXMLFile.tst" toDir="${}" registry="${vs.sandbox.registry.url}" haltOnError="no" errorProperty="test.failure" user="admin" password="admin">

  <jvmarg value="-Dlisa.tmpdir=${}"/></junitlisa>

                           <echo message="Generate junit style html report."/>

                           <junitlisareport toDir="${}"/>

                           <echo message="The JUnit report is available at ${}/index.html"/>




# This is the properties file defining build properties for ant tasks

LISA_HOME=C:/Program Files/CA/DevTest







Does any one has the same issue ?