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Best practice question: Upgrade sequence - SDM/SC/EEM/PAM

Question asked by jw1 on Dec 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2015 by Marcos Domingos

Hey everyone, We are planning to upgrade and I am not sure from reading the installation guides on which sequence.


What we have:

Service Desk 12.6 - 1 Primary and 2 Secondaries.  EEM 8.4 is co-located on these.

Service Catalog 12.7 - 1 Primary, 1 Secondary - load balanced.

(SDM and SC share the MDB)

PAM 3.1 on 1 Domain Orchestrator

BOXI 3.1


Where we are going:

SDM 12.9 - 1 Background, 1 Standby, 2 Application

SC 12.9 - 1 'First' , 1 'Second' View servers - load balanced

PAM 4.2

BOXI 3.3

EEM 12.51 will be on its own server


SC and PAM require EEM to be upgraded before they are installed and we are using EEM for SDM as well.


Question:  Can we simply install EEM 12.51 on the new server and then point the upgrades of SC and PAM to this server when their setups are run?