Why I work for CA Application Delivery.

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This is a good quick read and a solid motivator that we are on the right track:


Orion's lesson for IT: Test your systems, then test again (and again) | Computerworld


I've pretty much been in the SDLC market for over 20 years through the chaos of distributed client/server, Y2K, dotcom boom and bust and now we're in the mobile app era.   The technology and landscape changes a bit but the basic problems have not.   Everywhere is business pressure to develop and deliver high quality applications of increasing complexity faster and cheaper where skill sets are scarce and tribal knowledge ultimately fails because it can't scale, won't collaborate or people leave the tribe.   Sound familiar?

I don't think the business will ever fully get it but IT veterans will.   If you have any chance of succeeding you must test more and more and automate more and more.   And you can't do that unless you remove the constraints.   And that is what CA sees and invests in.   I've been here a year now and seriously impressed with the highest level commitment, caliber of people, product offering, marketplace vision and overall ability to execute.  Whatever you want to call the current market opportunity for clear leadership and meeting the real needs of all these businesses struggling with the challenge stated above, I'm here because of the high level of corporate commitment I see.