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Expiration Date of KMDB

Question asked by santoshiP on Dec 12, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2014 by JussiValkonen

Hi Team,


We had a requirment that Expiration date and Reivew dates of KB's should automatically set to 13 and 12 months respectivly from Published date, To achieve this we set a spl file and it is working fine.


But we recently found expiration and review dates are updating skeletons table but they are not updating Anima table which is responsible to send notifications ( about to expire and expire ) and expire KBs.


Hence now we have removed the spl customizations but there are 1000 of kbs which needs to be updated with new expiration date and review date.


We tried to update using pdm_userload command but anima table is not updating with new review,about to expire and expire events.


so could you Please suggest me on this ?


we contacted CA support but they suggested us that  the only supported way to change expiration date is thorught the gui.


Note : when we do autopapulate of review date for KB using Spl it is updating skeleton table as well anima table but the same thing is not happening with Expiration date.


Thank you,