CA Tuesday Tips: Supp_diag Generates a Giga byte size file

Discussion created by Sandra_Antunes on Dec 15, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by Kyle_R

Hey there!


It is not unusual that the execution of supp_diag (used to gather SDM information for CA Support) generates a +Giga size file - I've recently seen a +6 Giga size file been generated for a customer.


The point is:

  • Is there a way to reduce this size?
  • Which points can be verified or are really unnecessary so the file doesn't have such a big size?


  1. Check NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\CATALINA_BASE\logs for old files.
    This can be the big offender here. If you have very old files - from the previous year, or +6 months old, for example - you could move them to another folder before running supp_diag.
    Important: consult the CA Support Engineer before doing it, just to confirm the information you are going to move/delete is not necessary for your case.
  2. Check NX_ROOT\log for:
    • old trace or bop_logging files
    • old visualizer* log files

    You can move or remove them (it will depend on what your case is about).


At this point you should be able to run supp_diag and it will certainly have an acceptable size.

For the case I mentioned, it reduced to +600 MB of size.


Have a great week!