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On change ChangeRequest page, PAM did not update the status (database updated)

Question asked by sitch01 Employee on Dec 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by Chi_Chen

We are using Claasic Workflow on Change Records, with PAM performing checks  

etc when the status of a CR changes.  We have experienced issues where the   

status of a CR is changed to the next available status, which invokes a PAM  

process to check if every thing is valid on the CR to move to this status.   

If it is not, then the CR is returned to the previous status.                


After the CR is updated to the new status, the display of the CR shows the   

new status.  If this window is left open and the PAM process returns the CR  

to the previous status and the user then does an Update Status activity, this

window show the status of the CR from the main window, not what it has been  

set to by PAM.                                                               


If we refresh the page, the status is correct.


The database was updated successfully by the PAM, not the detail page of the ChangeRequest. What is wrong ?


Thank you