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Cannot send input parameter into inline data field of upload file operator

Question asked by CaLu on Dec 16, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by CaLu

Hi All,

I'm a beginner CA ITPAM. Currently, I'm implementing the process to upload file.

I have used the upload file operator to do that. And this is my expectation: this process accept upload multiple file at once.

While I implement it, I have to face 2 issues:

1) How can I update the checkbox dynamictic via code (baseon the input parameter is true/false)?

(I was used the delay operator to check the value of checkbox by custom port and express condition -> this way is not good if the operator have many checkbox)

2) How can I pass the input parameter into "inline data" field of upload file operator?

Please advise me if you have any idea to do that.

Thank you so much!