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LISA to pick XML files in Ascending Order

Question asked by Ankush_Panday on Dec 17, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by salman.jarved



Is there a step in LISA where it can read XML files from a directory on OrderID in ascending order manner. For example, OrderId1.xml should be read first and then OrderId2.xml (Id1 < Id2) like wise 100 of files but all files should be read in ascending order.


After the first file is read, need to process xml request according to the requirement, select the corresponding response from VSI and then save the response

back in different directory.


When first file got processed, LISA needs to pick the 2nd Order file accordingly.


Is this implementation possible in LISA? Currently I am wondering how LISA will pick xml files on ascending order basis and wont pick the same file next time.


Please let me know your suggestions and remarks.