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How to do lookup with grloader when using excel spreadsheet or sql query?

Question asked by thojo22 Employee on Dec 17, 2014
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Hey All,

Need your opinion if it is possible:

USRD 12.9 - AA Setup - Win 2012
1 Background and Standby, 3 App Servers
Following fixes have been applied
Cumulative Patch#1


Issue background:
Need to know how to do lookup field  in grloader when using sql query

Client is loading the following query within grloader

grloader -cfg grloader.cfg -s http://someserver:8080 -a -n -E -u ServiceDesk
-p Password* -dbstmt "select osname as class, ServerName name, ServerName
system_name, ShortDescription description, FacilityName location, Memory
phys_mem, TotalDiskSpace hard_drive_capacity, NumberCPUs number_proc_inst,
CPUSpeed proc_speed, LeaseExpirationDate lease_termination_date, userid
resource_contact, userid billing_contact_uuid,Serverid asset_num,
ServerOwnerGroupName support_contact1_uuid, DomainName zDNS_Name,
SerialNumber zSerial_Number, Model zModel from Stars_New" -e

The table Stars_New is an intermediate table which collects Assets from an
in-house application. When this runs the client is able to create/update CI's alright
but gets a "warnings" for some fields like resource_contact and
billing_contact_uuid. The warning says:
<!--WARNING: Unable to find unique cnt.combo_name=(cluinetti).  -->

The default lookup for both these fields is combo_name, the client can't use
combo_name in our environment as they are not unique in our environment.

When using lookup field in xml, it goes with the following format:
<billing_contact_uuid lookup="userid">cluinetti</billing_contact_uuid>

Next action:
How can this be accomplish when using sql?