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Integration CA Service Desk Manager & CA Client Automation

Question asked by Kleber_Souza Employee on Dec 18, 2014
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Hello I'd like to ask for you assistance with the following scenario: I've got CA SDM 12.6 on win2k8, MDB installed on Oracle 11g/solaris and now I need to install CA client Auto. On Wind2k8 with SGBD on SQL Server 2008 (we're aware that integration between SDM and ITCM on Oracle is not recommended once we'll loose the continuous discovery capability due to a restriction on CCS installation using oracle SGBD) We would like to know how database replication works and if continuous discovery would work considering that according to the documentation, Client Auto using SQL server needs to have CCS installed on both, SQL and ITCM servers. They will be installed on separate servers. About the inventory data replication process, we're planning to perform replication between SDM MDB on Oracle and ITCM MDM on SQL server by creating a DSM Explorer task and configuring  the oracle client TNS names in the ITCM domain server. Is this the right ans best way to do it???? If so, p,ease validate the following steps: 1 run ITCM MDB installer onto SDM oracle MDB server, to create the ITCM MDB objects 2 install ITCM MDB onto SQL server 3 install ITCM 12.8 4 install oracle client and configure TNS for SDM oracle database 5 create replication task within DSM Explorer Original post in Portuguese-BR - Best Regards Thanks!