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Select from Database Operator: oracle connect string

Question asked by Kris_D on Dec 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2015 by Kris_D

I am using the Select from Database operator and the oracle connect string does not seem to work using the service information from our tnsnames.ora file. I have gotten it to work by giving the direct connection information to an oracle server, however we have redundant database servers and as currently configured it will not survive a database failover.


In configuring the connection wizard Database Name and Oracle Service ID seem to do the exact same thing with Service ID eclipsing Name. If I try to use the Oracle TNS Name filed, I get a host not found. I also tried manually configuring the Connection URL but any changes there do no seem to take effect, judging by the result of the error messages. It seems like PAM does not recognize the tnsnames.ora information at all...


Any suggestion or additional information on how this works that may be of assistance?