CA PPM Tuesday Tip: Calculated Attribute for Actual Cost

Discussion created by wilel06 Employee on Dec 23, 2014
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Hi Community!  Happy Tuesday.


Are you looking for total project  $ from your financial transactions?

In many situations it is advantageous to see the actual costs from WIP financial transactions.  This is the most accurate project cost when using Financials.  Out of the Box functionality is instance based and only shows this amount on a project’s financial pages; cost plans and hierarchy tab. 

You can actually create a calculated attribute which will show actual costs aggregated on the project level. You can then use this on a portlet to view the amount for several projects.

Steps to create the attribute are:


1.  Open the Project Object

2.  Click on Attributes

3.  Click New

4.  Give the attribute a name and ID

5.  Choose Data Type:  Calculated

6.  Result Data Type:  Number




7.  Click Save

     Once attribute saves

8.  Click Build Calculated Attribute link



9.  Choose

    Function:  Sum



    Additional fields are shown


10.  Argument Number:  1

      Choose Radio Button for Attribute Name (ID) and add

      Actual Cost (aggr_actual_cost)


11.  Click Generate



12.  Click Validate

13.  Click Save and Return


The attribute is now available to be placed on any 'General' Instance portlet.


It is not advisable to place this attribute on the project list page as calculated fields do cause performance issues.


There are similar attributes that you can explore to suit your specific business needs.