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User Based Project Views

Question asked by demca02 Employee on Dec 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2015 by urmas

Hello All,


I have a question about a requirement;

In the organization IT project managers are managing IT projects using CA PPM projects application with some additional configuration(additional field, sections etc..). But now there is a new project coordination department  and they will just use team, tasks and properties tabs with different layout for their projects. Project coordination team is not directly managing project, but reports and track projects for strategic alignment. They are responsible for both IT and other business units project's.

Project coordination team should see IT projects also, but on their project view. I can create two partitions, one for IT PMO and another one for Project Coordination. Then each of  departments can manage their project on their own way.

Now the problem is;

IT projects should be managed by IT using their screen and could be tracked by Project Coordination with their own screen. But  the view that will be used in the project application is set in Project record, not related to logged in user.