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Slice Value on OWB and PRJ_BLB_SLICES

Question asked by Lala1 on Dec 29, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2014 by Lala1

Dear All,

The value of ETC on OWB and the Slice table is not matching. Here the Slice job has successfully completed.

For a specific week the value on OWB is coming as 16 but on Slice table the value is showing as 8.

So what could be the possible reason.


                  FROM PRJ_BLB_SLICES

                 WHERE     SLICE_REQUEST_ID = 300 /*This is for WEEKLYRESOURCEBASECURVE Slice Request*/

                              (SELECT ID

                                 FROM PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS

                                WHERE OBJECT_ID = PRASSIGNMENT.PRID    /*passing a particular Assignment ID */

                                             AND OBJECT_TYPE = 'ASSIGNMENT')

                       AND SLICE_DATE = t_date) /* Passing a date instead of t_date date */


If the above query is not correct also please suggest me.

Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,