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APM for Banking applications

Question asked by shasa34 Employee on Dec 28, 2014

Would like to know if we have any experience with below banking  applications on CA APM

By managing --

1. do we have any experience with Run Book Automation (integrating APM with IT PAM for remediation ?)

2. Any specific inputs for Application Performance benchmarking (DevOPs use case ?)


TCS Bancs (Core Banking)

Murex (Treasury)

CRISIL(Retail Loan origination )

SAS (Credit Score Scard for consumer banking)

Yodlee (personal finance)

FSS Debit Card management system (DCMS)

IBM Campaign Management system

Indus Loan Origination Systems

Fundtech Cash Managment Systems



Any presentations specific to Banking Applications covering Run Book Automation and Application Performance benchmarking would be very useful