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Not able to delete task which are duplicated and Have EAC for future month.

Question asked by uk3373 on Dec 29, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2014 by Connie_Fu

Dear Experts,


I am not able to delete tasks which are duplicated , have EAC for one user(screen shot 1).

As per my understanding user created has Milestone then he updated as Deliverable and he tried to delete those as it was created by mistake But it is not succeed as it have the EAC.


Task start and end dates are 31/03/2015 but how EAC is appearing , user do not have any actuals and it is not came through normal month end process.

Can you please help me to understand how duplicate ids are created/accepted (task name, task id)

How the EAC is appearing .

How to remove EAC to delete tasks (if it is not possible from UI then how to delete from DB).

How I can check for which date this EAC is referring.


And please advise me if required any details (We are in 13.1 ).

I tried to update as Milestone but it is not accepted and giving  the error:"Duplicate task ids are not allowed"

Appreciate your As usual quick help..

Details from DB.

task details db.PNG

Details from Task list page:

task from task page.PNG

Details from Gantt(As per the gantt task are showing under deleted)


Many thanks in Advance.