compare the XML's during the run time.

Discussion created by Avinash_304 on Dec 30, 2014

I have requirement to compare the XML's during the run time.



1. I have 4 Different User ID's, for each of it has different XML response

2. What I wanted to do here is, I want to iterate the User ID's with expected Response XML stored in Excel sheet itself

User ID           Expected Result -------------> Excel Columns

12434               {{XMLRSP1}} ----------------------> These properties are stored in Config file

5678                 {{XMLRSP2}}



On Lisa step we are using Graphical Difference Assertion

In which comparing {{Expected Result}} with {{LASTRESPONSE}} in lisa



We are facing the difficulty in ignoring the "Header" in this place because we are using {{Expected Result}} rather than directly using {{XMLRSP1}} property






Please suggest if there is any other approach to achieve this, Here XML content may differ in future.