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Any good startup CA Service Virtualization / LISA books?

Question asked by mikelyles on Dec 30, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by LizR

I've led several teams that use CA LISA and I am familiar with it and how it works.  However, I am now in a role where I need to experiment with it, hands on, to become familiar with the tool, write some initial scripts, and be able to support the team we are onboarding.


I know there are CA reference books in the CA site, and there are web based trainings, but are there any books that can be purchased that would help someone, who is just starting out with the tool hands on, to walk through step by step and understand how to use the tool and all of the features?


i don't need to be an expert programmer in it.  I just need to be very familiar with how it works and how to program if i "needed" to be.