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All CA Security Ideas have been migrated from separate groups into the CA Security Community. Now, the CA Security Community is your one-stop-shop for asking questions, browsing support documentation and tips, submitting and voting on enhancement requests (ideas), and interacting with other CA Security product users. This is the final anticipated change in the CA Security Ideation process in an effort to make submitting and voting ideas as seamless and accessible as possible.


Go to the Ideas tab to browse and vote on submitted ideas. Product Management reviews these ideas and your votes influence prioritization.


To submit an Idea...


1. Go to the CA Security Overview Page.

2. Click on the "Actions" drop-down menu and select "Create an idea."

3. Give your idea a title and detailed description to encourage voting.

4. Select the Categories (products) to which your idea pertains. Supported products include:

  • CA Single Sign-On
  • CA Directory
  • CA Identity Suite (includes CA Identity Manager and CA Governance Manager)
  • CA Privileged Identity Manager
  • CA Secure Cloud
  • CA Data Protection
  • CA Risk Authentication
  • CA Strong Authentication

5. Publish and vote on your idea!


Got a question? Follow The Water Cooler for informative documentation and videos about the ideation process.


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