CA PPM Tuesday Tip: How to find out what lookup is being used in an attribute

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How to find out what lookup is being used in an attribute when there are multiple lookups with  the same name, but different ID


In an object when you check the Attributes Properties you see the name of the lookup, not the ID.



Idea Object

Attribute = Manager, Lookup = Browse Resource

Attribute = Originating Requestor, Lookup = Browse Resource


There are 2 lookups with same name “Browse Resource”:






This is a long way to find out which lookup is being used, but it is easy.

Admin side: Go to Lookups -> Open one of the lookups with the same name.

Go to Browse Window' tab.

Add a field to the list layout.

Then open an instance of the object to find if the field I just added is present there.




Use on any page that shows the browse it is using (maybe the attribute properties, or the actual subpage of an idea instance)

e.g.  Attribute properties of Manager attribute

Admin side: Go to objects -> idea -> idea -> attributes -> manager


The URL is:





Replace # with ? and : with = in the URL and add & at the end of the URL:






In the xml you will find:


- <attribute active="true" clientFlags="8" code="manager_id" column="MANAGER_ID" dataType="number" editable="true" extendedType="lookup" id="-2" inherited="true" lookupType="BROWSE_PROJMGR" partitionCode="NIKU.ROOT" partitionMode="PARTITION_AND_ANSTRS_DESDNTS" table="INV_INVESTMENTS">



OPTION 3: for non-custom attributes


The information can be found in the 'omd' (object meta data) files under $NIKU_HOME/META-INF/compcode/omd/object.xml (where compcode is like 'pma' or 'projmgr' or 'revmgr' and object is like 'project' or 'idea' or whatever it may be)


for example, $NIKU_HOME/META-INF/omd/idea.xml has this definition:


<attribute code="initiator_id" dataType="number" required="true" lookupType="BROWSE_PROJMGR" extendedType="lookup" editable="true" column="INITIATOR_ID" table="INV_IDEAS"> <nls description="Originating Requestor" name="Originating Requestor" languageCode="en"/> <default replace="userId"/> </attribute>