CA PPM Tuesday Tip: How to Rebrand Notification Email

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To change body of email:


In V13 or after you can change body of email through the UI :


See details from the following post:


CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: Editing Clarity PPM email notifications



To change Header and Footer texts :


The messages for "'CA Clarity " PPM' and for 'Copyright 2014 CA Technologies. All rights reserved.' are included in :


%CLARITY_HOME%\resource\ (xx is for all languages)







%CLARITY_HOME%\resource\ (for all languages) and also change


  1. union.ppm=CA Clarity™ PPM
  2. union.copyRight=Copyright \u00A9 2014 CA Technologies. All rights reserved.




To change CA logo:


Logo is in path:




Replace the image file on this path