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Stoping workflow process causes the process status to be displayed as "Error" not "Aborted"

Question asked by davitg on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by navzjoshi00


I am getting the process status to change to "Error" instead of "Aborted" when cancelling a running process in Clarity PPM v12. The steps to replicate are below.


Has anyone come across this issue and what was the resolution please?


In "Programmes & Projects" section, choose a project, select the "Processes" tab.

Click on "available" and select a process. Click on "start".

Click on "initiated", select the running process and click "cancel process". Click "yes".

The window should close and take us back to the "initiated" screen and show that the cancelled process should have the "aborted" diamond symbol.

However, the screen stays at the Click "yes".

Have to come out of "Programmes & Projects" section all together and then go back in "Programmes & Projects" section and project to see the process aborted.

Unfortunately, the process is displayed as "Error" not "Aborted".