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Question about "ALTER DMCL" Statement

Question asked by mathias.lang on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by Brian_Brendlinger

Yesterday we wanted to implement some changes to our DMCL including buffer size.

  • After implemeting these changes to DMCL we had to DROP, CREATE the DMCL, because we changes buffer sizes
  • Futhermore we edited the ALTER DMCL Statement, because we wanted to drop some databases


Afterwards we started the generation of the new DMCL load module, which ended without errors. So we restarted the CV, but the CV did not start up!

Following errors occured:

Now we were completely confused, cause we did not change the DBTABLE, so we did these errors occur?!

Then we restored the old DMCL load module to the load library, but it still didn't work...

Then we restored the dictionary (because we dropped some segments before, mybe we had some system segments in between) and unlocked the areas, but it still didn't work...

So we decided to format the journals and systrack files an now, "tada", it worked (praise god it was no production CV)!


Now we started to think about what went wrong!

In the end we found out, that we did some changes to the ALTER DMCL statement and forgot to uncomment the DBTABLE Statement! The problem is, if there is no DBTABLE statement included in ALTER DMCL, the DBTABLE is set to NULL by default!

Now it was quiet clear, no DBTABLE connection, so the bind to the system areas will fail...


In the end only two questions are left:

  • Why did the generation of the DMCL end without an error, or maybe a warning?
  • What's the thougt behind the default value NULL in the ALTER DMCL or more precise DBTABLE statement?


Is there anybody how can explain it to me?


Thanks in advance